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Dreamy Bedtime

Dreamy Bedtime

Introducing our Dreamy Bedtime bundle, your ticket to a night of tranquil bliss and rejuvenation! Say goodbye to restless nights and welcome deep, restorative sleep with this carefully crafted pair.

First up, our 3,000mg Soothe Pain Relief Cream – a soothing balm for your body's tired muscles and aches. Let it work its magic, melting away stress and calming soreness as you prepare for slumber.

Then, drift into dreamland with our 3,000mg Sleep Blend Oil, expertly formulated to destress your mind and body, gently guiding you into a peaceful and sustained sleep. No more tossing and turning—just wake up feeling refreshed, revitalized, and ready to conquer the day, with no grogginess in sight.

Find product and dosing information for our Soothe cream here, and info for our Sleep Blend oil here

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