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Relax & Recharge

Relax & Recharge

Say hello to our Relax & Recharge Duo, a powerhouse combo tailored for those seeking ultimate relaxation after a hectic day.

Start your relaxation journey with our 1500mg Daily Blend CBD:CBG oil – a harmonious fusion designed to promote good gut health and pave the way for improved rest and relaxation. Let this blend work its magic, calming your senses and setting the stage for serenity.

For an extra touch of tranquility, our Nano 9 Hemp-Derived Delta 9 Gummies are your go-to. Indulge in the mind-calming goodness of Delta 9 as it gently eases the edge off after a chaotic or stressful day, leaving you feeling pleasantly at ease.

Includes a 30 Count Jar Pina Colada flavor and your choice of Full Spectrum or THC Free Daily Blend Oil. Find more dosing and product information about our Nano 9 Gummies here and information about our Daily Blend Oil here

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