Using CBD Products For Flight Anxiety: 4 Tips

Using CBD Products For Flight Anxiety: 4 Tips

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It’s not uncommon to hear about people using anti-anxiety medication such as Valium and Xanax to soothe their nerves on an upcoming flight. These solutions can work, but what do you do if you don’t have (or don’t want) an anti-anxiety prescription? Maybe you only need help with anxiety on rare occasions, or you don’t want the intense fatigue, grogginess, insomnia, and numerous other side effects associated with these medications.

The good news: There’s an over-the-counter alternative that works just as well—or better—than most prescription anxiety drugs and causes no unpleasant side effects. We at Butler Hemp Co. highly recommend trying CBD oil tinctures or CBD gummies for flight anxiety rather than turning to some of the more extreme options.

Why take CBD for flight anxiety?

CBD works wonderfully for soothing any type of anxiety, and that includes flight anxiety.

When there’s a particular stimulus that’s stressing you out, your brain is busy sending fear signals on overdrive. With flight anxiety, your mind is shouting that you’re in danger when, in reality, you’re just trying to get from point A to point B.

You can think of it as an imbalance between the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems that mediate your fight-or-flight response. If fear is pushing the gas pedal and telling you to run away from that big metal death trap, your parasympathetic nervous system, which normally helps you relax and rest, has no hope of outweighing the overwhelming stress.

CBD corrects this imbalance by restoring your body’s natural state of homeostasis.

It soothes the over-excited brain and prevents you from falling into those fearful thought patterns. This is just as true on a plane as it is in a stressful work situation or any other instance where you could use a little extra help calming down.

And unlike Xanax and other prescription medications, CBD is safe, non habit-forming, non-addictive, and rarely causes any side effects beyond a mild drowsiness (which can actually be pleasant, if you’re looking for soothing relaxation).

Unlike Xanax and other prescription medications, CBD is safe, non habit-forming, non-addictive, and rarely causes any side effects beyond a mild drowsiness.

Remember these 4 tips when using CBD oil or CBD gummies for flight anxiety

1. Know when to take your dose of CBD.

Your anxiety might hit as you’re leaving for the airport, or it might not become a problem until the plane starts to taxi on the runway. If you’re using a tincture, you can take your dose whenever the nerves set in and expect fairly rapid results. If you’re using gummies, allow about an hour for the gummy to digest and make its way into your system.

You can also take a dose the night before your flight so you can get a good night’s sleep without worrying about your upcoming travel plans. In that case, simply take another dose the next day as needed.

2. Plan some backup strategies.

If your anxiety is severe, you might want to bring noise-canceling headphones, a comforting weighted blanket, a sensory deprivation mask, or any other items that will help you relax. Prepare soothing music, pack a good book, or download a movie to keep yourself distracted. And don’t forget about the soothing power of breathing exercises and meditation for especially stressful moments like takeoff and landing.

3. If you’re traveling internationally, always check the CBD laws of your destination country.

Other countries have different views on CBD than we do here in the United States. Don’t bring CBD with you on an international trip unless you’re positive of the laws in your destination.

According to federal law, CBD is fully legal within the United States. This means you shouldn’t have too much trouble boarding a domestic flight with CBD in your carry-on or taking CBD across state lines.

If you’ve heard stories of people getting stopped by TSA in past years for carrying CBD, don’t worry. CBD laws have been on the books for long enough that most TSA agents these days are well aware that the products are completely legal. With that said, if the agents do ask you some questions, just know that you’re well within your legal rights to have CBD products in your carry-on.

If you’re extremely worried about this, you might want to take your dose of CBD a bit early and then store the remainder of your product in your checked baggage.

4. Be mindful of the size of your product.

Current TSA guidelines limit carry-on liquids to a volume of 3.4 ounces or 100 milliliters. If your CBD product is larger than that, you may need to split the product between a smaller bottle you can carry with you and a larger bottle that goes in your checked luggage. This has nothing to do with CBD in particular; it would be the same if you were carrying a large bottle of lotion or hair gel.

Find the best tincture or CBD gummies for flying at Butler Hemp Co.

It’s always best to choose a CBD product that’s been thoroughly tested and certified to be pure. Steer clear of products that contain high (greater than 0.3%) or unknown levels of THC. Not only can high THC levels worsen anxiety in some people, but you could also potentially run into legal trouble carrying a THC product into a new state or country with stricter laws than your home region. Butler Hemp Co. products undergo rigorous third-party testing and CGMP certification, so you can always feel assured of the safety and efficacy of your chosen product.

As for choosing between tinctures and gummies, you can’t go wrong either way as long as you’ve selected a pure, high quality product. If you’re on the fence about which product would be best for your needs, read about CBD oils and gummies in more depth on our blog.

Contact us if you have any questions or if you’d like help finding your perfect CBD solution.

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