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We submitted 4 of the top Butler Hemp Co. products to be independently tested and reviewed by an unbiased and unpaid third party review site, Real Tested CBD. All of our products ranked at the top of their respective categories, with our Full Spectrum 3000mg tincture tying for 1st out of 127 total oils. This site works tirelessly to bring complete transparency to our industry while educating CBD users on what to look for in a quality company. We're honored and proud to be one of their highest recommended brands! 

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What Our Customers Are Loving

Kelly H.


"This tincture is amazing! One dropper in the morning and I feel calm and collected all day. I've tried a few other brands before, but this one is my favorite! I will be a lifetime customer! Great product and best value!"



Melissa H.

"We have tried several products and settled on this one. One dropper at bedtime is all it takes. It works wonders for falling asleep, staying asleep and helps keep levels of chronic pain low. And a bonus - it doesn't taste bad. We prefer to support local companies whenver possible and this one has such high quality products - it's an easy choice. Their customer service is the best ever! They answer questions promptly, they're friendly, and I was able to pick up a couple orders when we ran out. I'm signed up for a subscription now! Try it - you'll see how great it is. 



Tenille C.


"I switched over to this brand after reading about the processes and they have in place to ensure the highest quality products. I am also a BIG stickler for good customer service and these people are seriously the best and seem to care about making their customers happy. You won't be disappointed."


Nolan W.


"I used to have a fair amount of trouble falling asleep and staying asleep, and I would use products like Melatonin. I gave Butler's Sleep Blend a try just before bed and I have been able to fall asleep quickly and sleep through the night. I haven't experienced any drowsiness the next day either. I would absolutely recommend this product to anyone wanting to get a good restful night of sleep.""

Will CBD get me high?

CBD will not create the same euphoric or psychoactive effects that THC users experience. Even though our full spectrum products may contain THC, (though well under the 0.3% legal limit), there is not enough to cause the user to experience a "high"

How is the CBD that we use in our products made?
How long until I feel the effects from taking CBD?

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