The Next BIG Thing: CBG

The Next BIG Thing: CBG

While CBD and THC typically get all the attention, the hemp plant contains more than a dozen different cannabinoids, all with their own unique abilities and strengths. As research and testing continue, one in particular has both scientists and consumers particularly excited - Cannabigerol - more commonly known as CBG. 

CBG is referred to as the “mother cannabinoid”, because all others evolve from CBGA, the acidic form of CBG. As plants develop and are exposed to heat or ultraviolet light, plant enzymes convert these CBG acids into the cannabinoids we are more familiar with, including CBC, CBD and THC. The small “leftover” CBGA amounts that do not evolve into a different cannabinoid are what is processed to produce CBG products. Since these amounts are typically small, it makes growing and processing hemp crops for CBG tricky; growers have to experiment with developing different strains of hemp plant, harvest time and processing/extraction methods to maximize the amount of CBG in the end product without having an astronomical production cost. 

So if CBG is rare and hard/expensive to process, why bother?

Because the research being done on CBG and its abilities is pretty extraordinary. Even in the early stages of learning about this cannabinoid, there has already been some headway made that associates CBG with fighting illness, inflammation and autoimmune issues. One always has to take early-stage research with a grain of salt, of course, but studies suggest that CBG could serve as a potential antibiotic against bacterial infections like MRSA, help with pain and inflammation reduction, and potentially even slow the growth of some cancer cells. Preliminary pre-clinical research done with animals correlates CBG with decreased inflammation from bowel disease, easing anxiety disorders, and helping with movement disorders like Parkinson’s and Multiple Sclerosis. 

It is exciting to think that being in such early stages of learning about this power cannabinoid, that what we know now is just the tip of the iceberg. CBD and THC may have center stage for now, but CBG is poised and ready to take the spotlight in the years to come. 



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