What Exactly is CBD?

What Exactly is CBD?


You have heard all the buzz about CBD; that is likely what led you here. And while you may have read many testimonials and first-hand accounts of the ways that CBD can benefit your health, you could still be wondering “how?”. How can the same oil be used for managing seizures, inflammation, pain and anxiety?

The reason is that CBD works with a larger system in your body- the endocannabinoid system (ECS), which is made up of tiny neurotransmitters and receptors. This ECS helps balance our bodies’ major functions like sleep, digestion, mood and more. The body uses endocannabinoids to help maintain bodily homeostasis by identifying irregularities and correcting them. It is said that CBD derived from the hemp plant supports our bodies' already-existing ECS by stimulating it to create more natural cannabinoids and enabling the existing ones to last longer before they break down. This could help increase our bodies’ effectiveness at repairing a plethora of ailments and promote better function. So to put it simply, CBD helps your body help itself.

CBD oil can be purchased in full spectrum form, like our Extra Strength 3000mg cbd oilDaily Blend 1500mg CBD oil, and Sleep Blend CBD oil, which retains other major cannabinoids during processing like CBG and CBC, and can work more efficiently in your body by leveraging what is called the “entourage effect”; all the cannabinoids working together for a maximum result.

Users with drug testing concerns can still enjoy the powerful benefits of CBD without the worry of failing a test, sinc we also offer our 3000mg and 1500mg tinctures in THC free versions, which are made using pure CBD isolate that has been crashed out of our full spectrum distillate even further to remove any additional cannabinoids, including THC. You can purchase the 3000mg version here and the 1500mg version here

We do always encourage users to try a full spectrum CBD oil, if possible. While there's much research to be done regarding cannabinoids and the endocannabinoid system, what we do know is that they do tend to work better together--something known as the "entourage effect". 

There is new research coming out almost daily on the science behind what CBD is able to do for the body, and with each new discovery more excitement builds for this quickly-growing industry!

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