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  • Can CBN help you get the best sleep of your life?

    Adding a CBN-rich product like our Butler Sleep Blend into your bedtime routine may dramatically improve the duration and quality of rest that you get at night, leading to happier and healthier days. 

  • CBD at Bath Time: Suds Up for Soft Skin

    When it comes to benefits to our body, it's no secret that CBD can be utilized to help manage a myriad of issues. Some of the most notable being it...
  • How Different Extraction Methods Determine the Quality of Your CBD

      Extraction: How the Best CBD Products are Born When it comes to extracting CBD, there's no shortage of methods companies and brands can use to se...
  • The Endocannabinoid System and CBD

    The Butler Hemp Co. Team If you were asked to name the two most well-known cannabinoids, what would you guess? If you said THC and CBD, ding ding ...
  • How to Choose Quality CBD

    With so many labels, acronyms, and numbers flying around on products in the up-and-coming CBD industry, how do you go about finding a legitimate company offering products that are of high quality AND good value?
  • The Next BIG Thing: CBG

    While CBD and THC typically get all the attention, the hemp plant contains more than a dozen different cannabinoids, all with their own unique abil...
  • Can CBD Help Pets?

    When it comes to your animal family members, most pet parents would do anything to help keep their “fur babies” safe and healthy. Since pets can’t tell us exactly how they are feeling, it can sometimes be hard to determine what they need. Before turning to prescription medications or treatments that may have undesirable side effects, some pet owners try CBD as a natural supplement to assist with pet discomfort and promote health.
  • What Exactly is CBD?

    While you may have read many testimonials and first-hand accounts of the ways that CBD can benefit your health, you could still be wondering “how?”. How can the same oil be used for managing seizures, inflammation, pain and anxiety?

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