Can You Take CBD Oil After Drinking Alcohol?

Can You Take CBD Oil After Drinking Alcohol?

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Can you take CBD oil after drinking alcohol?

It’s a question we often see from people concerned about avoiding possible drug interactions, side effects, or an overall unpleasant experience. After all, most people know not to take alcohol with sleeping pills, and CBD has a reputation as a sleep aid. So it’s natural to wonder if CBD and alcohol shouldn’t mix.

Perhaps you have a party to attend, or you’re simply planning to enjoy a night out with friends. Either way, you’ve chosen to go the responsible route and look up the answers to your burning questions:

  •  Can you take CBD with alcohol?
  •  Is there any reason to interrupt your normal routine if you usually take CBD regularly?
  •  If this is your first time taking CBD, should you avoid drinking on the same day?
  •  Does the timing matter? Which should come first, and how long should you wait?


Let’s dive in and answer these questions in more detail.


Can you take CBD and drink alcohol at the same time?

The quick answer is yes.

There are no interactions you need to worry about when consuming the two together. This is especially true if you use CBD as part of your normal routine and you’re accustomed to how it makes you feel.

If this would be your first time using CBD, you might want to use caution and start with a low dose. We generally recommend first-time users start small anyway, and the fact that you’ll be out drinking is all the more reason to take it slow. Remember, CBD can cause drowsiness; that’s part of why it makes such an excellent ingredient in sleep aids.

Still, even if you’ve never touched CBD before, you should be safe to take your first dose even if you know you’ll enjoy an alcoholic beverage or two on the same night. CBD will not reduce or amplify the effects of alcohol, and the same is true in reverse. You’ll simply experience the effects of both substances simultaneously.


How long after taking CBD oil can you drink alcohol?

Because CBD doesn’t interact with alcohol, there’s no guideline on timing for either of them. Take your CBD supplement before you have a drink, after you’ve finished your last one, or add a drop to your current glass — it shouldn’t matter.

This is good news if you plan to use CBD to help you sleep after a thrilling night out. You can stay wide awake and alert to enjoy the party, and then fall into bed with a comforting dose of your CBD sleep blend of choice. It should ease you into a nice, sound slumber even if perhaps you’ve imbibed one too many.


Taking a dose of CBD before or after alcohol use may help ease your symptoms tomorrow morning.

Most people experience anxiety and hangover symptoms after a night of moderate to heavy drinking. Interestingly, many users report lessened pain and discomfort during hangovers after CBD use.

While CBD is unlikely to completely prevent a hangover in the morning, it almost certainly will make you feel calmer and more relaxed. It appears that the anxiety-soothing benefits of CBD persist well into the next day, even if that anxiety happens to be prompted by copious ingestion of alcohol.


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